In the interest of changing things up to keep us all on our toes, I'm introducing a new, once-in-a-while feature.
Warning: If you don't plan ahead, your healthy habits are doomed.
Do these., but only if you want to stay strong and functional. They're crucial for everyday life, not just fitness.
Morning is definitely best. No, wait, later in the day will help you burn more calories and sleep better. Confused yet?
Sometimes happiness can feel so far away and hard to get back in touch with, writes this reader. But all is not lost.
I leave 2022 behind with a mixture of awe (where did the year go???), excitement (a new year always feels like a clean slate) and not looking back (good…
Collective sigh. It’s not the freshman fifteen, but the menopause many. And many of you want to know what to do about weight gain during menopause.
With illness often comes distress, but if you're lucky, you can end up with some hard-won wisdom and enlightenment, too. That's why I make every…
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