Two years ago, we had a dream: To produce a weekly newsletter that women like us (aka midlife women who are smart, involved, curious, interested and interesting) would love to read. Even though thePause newsletter was going to be read, we wanted it to be more like you were hearing our voices -  – at times serious, sarcastic, irreverent – but always genuine.

Oftentimes as dreams go,  the fine details take time to surface, percolate and evolve. Finally, spurred by the pandemic of 2020 – if not NOW, WHEN? – we produced our very first issue. Just weeks after that, Sheryl documented her bout with COVID (we like to be trending like that…), and was interviewed for an article in the New York Times.

Since then, our newsletter has been read far and wide, each day bringing us new subscribers and new feedback. That makes us feel good, and it makes us feel heard, too. because, as long-time journalists, we’re used to sitting alone behind our computers, spewing out content to the netherworld. And knowing that someone is really listening makes us smile, not to mention gives us the impetus to keep writing.

We cover a myriad of topics: menopause, weight struggles, hearing loss and self-esteem, just as a start. We talk about what’s on our mind – and what’s probably on your mind, too.

Who Are We?

Sheryl and Jennifer founded thePause. Each have their own unique take on things and their own unique skills, and together made great partners and had loads of fun creating as a team.

Lisa joined Sheryl as co-editor in early spring 2022 after Jenn took on an important role with Meta and no longer had time to devote to regular issues of thePause.

We want you to have fun, too…so, please, feel free to email us with any comments, suggestions, ideas. We love reader story ideas and would be thrilled to hear from you. We’re in this together!

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