Happy Anniversary — to Us!

What we’d really love is to hear from you.

Dear Pausers,

It’s been exactly one year since we announced our first issue of thePause.

Ahhhh, April 2020: closing schools and offices, hording toilet paper, making masks, watching the Johns Hopkins Covid tracker.

Who could have known that a year later, we’d still be hiding our faces, working from home, experiencing sadness, depression and despair at levels seen only in YA dystopian novels?

And yet. life goes on and hope springs eternal, especially when vaccinations are gaining momentum.

And so, we keep writing (Sheryl) and chuckling to ourselves with our goofy jokes (Jennifer). In the past year, we’ve written about masks and the importance of self-care in a pandemic, but also breast cancer, eating disorders, high blood pressure and sex; brain fog, fashion and of course, hot flashes.

As we begin our second year of thePause, our community is growing and we’d love to learn more about you. What do you want to read about? What is your most pressing question? What are you too afraid or embarrassed to ask — let us do it for you.

Your feedback is so important to us, and ultimately what will make thePause shine brighter! As two journalists with much experience under our belts, we have access to lots of reliable information and sources, so please, ask away and we’ll find a way to get the answers.

And consider this an open invitation to share your thoughts here. We welcome guest submissions. If you have a story to share, don’t be shy!

There are many ways to celebrate our anniversary with your thoughts and suggestions: reply to this email, add a comment below or email us at info@thepausenewsletter.com.

Thanks for sticking with us, thanks for sharing a bit of yourself — and here’s to a year of health, hugs and well-being for all.

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For a Pause

  1. Too many lives were lost to Covid, and each and every one of them has affected the lives of others. Here’s how House members paid tribute on the steps of the Capitol, back when the numbers were only 400,000.

  2. Will sweatpants be our forever uniform? Or will we clamor for glamour? Here’s what some designers think is the future of fashion.

  3. Covid was, and continues to be, a learning experience. Here’s how Sheryl sees it in an article she wrote for PBS Next Avenue, “9 Things We Learned During COVID-19 That Will Endure.” We look forward to finding out if she’s right!

  4. Now that the weather is warming up, and masks are coming off soon, don’t forget your sunscreen! There are so many brands. This one is especially noteworthy for its smooth texture and broad-spectrum coverage.

One More Thing

All this anniversary talk has us thinking about long partnerships — and long marriages. #50years

Stay healthy and see you next week!


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