Meet Jennifer Owens

Your fellow traveler through midlife and beyond...

When I was in journalism school back in the dark ages, our focus was the 5Ws —who, what, where, when, why, with an H, for how. Every story we told had to hit all six to serve our reader.

Today I still abide by that rule, although I’ve added three more Ws to my personal list: women, working and wellness.

These are the topics I care most deeply about and it fuels the work I do as an editor, writer, strategist, and even as a volunteer and board member. Want to talk about why women leave the workplace? Why it’s so hard to be working mother, even still? Why women still don’t have the information they need to age healthy?

I’m your gal.

I believe you can find stories anywhere, but my 3Ws are where my passion lies. I write about them, I speak on them and now with Sheryl, I edit them as well.

What did I do before thePause? I led digital strategy for, the nation’s leading source for independent women’s health information; launched Spring.St, the place for smart women; and served as editorial director of Working Mother Media, reaching millions of women each month. In 2010 I founded the Working Mother Research Institute (WMRI), home to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies and other initiatives designed to hold companies accountable for how they serve their female employees. I also led WMRI to publish more than a dozen white papers studying the intersection of career and gender, including Breadwinning Moms, How We Flex and Caregivers Crisis.

And now I’m very happy to put my past experience to work to create thePause and to make sure those 8Ws (and an H) are in every edition to serve you. Reach out any time to let me know what you think — and what topics you’d like to see us cover. We want to tell the stories that mean the most to you.