Welcome to thePause: A Fresh Take on Midlife Women’s Health

Months ago, when we decided to create this newsletter, we knew the best date for launch would be Women’s Health Week in May.

We had a simple plan: to serve the growing health information needs of women like ourselves — busy, smart, inclusive women — who need help navigating the muddy and oft-times confusing transition through menopause.

As an editor and longtime health journalist, we set out to better understand this unique life phase and our changing health needs.

And then COVID hit, health and self-care became more important than ever, and we realized we didn’t want to wait any longer.

It’s important for all of us to take care of ourselves, even as we take care of so many others in our lives. That means being informed, but it also means getting away from the grim pandemic mayhem, if only for a moment.

With thePause, we aim to do both. In addition to sharing ways to stay healthy; the latest and greatest products; and important fitness and nutrition news, we’ll also feature the movies, books and fun that we hope will make thePause a super-rich moment of your day.

We’re all running; to get our life in order, to get our careers established, to get our children launched and our parents cared for. At midlife, we believe it’s time to:

•     Take a breath.

•     Reassess.

•      Figure out what it all means, this new stage in life.

·      And of course, take time for a little self-care.

There's so much of our lives ahead of us — and especially as the world around us implodes? explodes? turn inside out and upside down? — the one thing we know for sure is that more than ever we could all use a moment to take a Pause.

We hope you agree.

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