Your Jeans Won't Lie

But your leggings certainly will.

Now, more than ever, the pandemic has allowed us all to embrace athleisurewear. Why not be comfy as long as we’re hustling at home these days?

But prolonged wearing of leggings can warp reality. I don’t know about you, but the first sign of “uh oh, I’ve put on a few pounds” is when my waistband starts to feel a bit snug. Or when buttoning my pants causes me to tug a bit too hard — or worse yet, break a nail trying.

May we offer a gentle suggestion? Besides stepping onto the scale for a reality check, try swapping your leggings for a pair of jeans a few times each week.

Because those jeans won’t lie — and a little “self-monitoring” can be a reminder to eat a little less/move a little more as winter blows through.

And while we’re talking fashion…

Yes, it’s come to this: pulling on our jeans counts now as dressing up. Even so, as the holiday season, and holiday sales, roll through, we suggest taking a moment for a little retail therapy for yourself.

Remember that feeling you used to get when strolling into the office, church, school — really, anywhere — wearing something that made you feel good? After 10 months of being stuck at home, we think we all deserve that feeling again, even if it’s on Zoom.

A cute blouse, fresh lipstick, dangly earrings?

Go for it. We’re here to say you’re more than worth it.

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For a Pause

  1. Working from home doesn’t have to be full of frump or bore. Try adding a pop of color with some fun socks, a cozy sweater or some other suggestions from Vogue.

  2. Is lipstick dead? You may not bother with it when you’re wearing a mask, but why not dress up your lips when you’re sitting at your desk? You might just catch a glimpse of the woman you used to know.

  3. You won’t be surprised to hear that the luxury fashion industry wants to help you get your style on too. Here, the BBC runs down the "‘waist-up’ focus noticed at both Milan and London Fashion Weeks.”

  4. Love big earrings? Bustle has you covered with “10 Statement Earrings To Wear For Your Next Zoom Call.”  

One More Thing

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Until next week, stay well. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

See you next time!


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