Goodbye to All This

2020 has been the best year of my life!! said no one, ever.

When we launched the Pause newsletter at the beginning of the pandemic, we could never have imagined that all these months later we’d still be in the thick of it.

We have collectively suffered, lost and grieved.  We have experienced isolation, anxiety, anger, fear and loneliness. Our eating, sleeping, work and personal habits have morphed into actions we barely recognize. And too many of us have lost or changed our jobs, our homes, our loved ones, our outlooks and our faith in basic humanity and kindness.

The pain…it runs so very deep.

But through it all, we have all endured the unimaginable; finding new ways to cope, discovering a  resilience deep within, developing a newfound understanding and bottomless affection…a profound longing… for what was once deemed “ordinary.” The foreign now feels strangely familiar (no matter how hard we rail against it).

May the new year usher in and end to the pandemic, a new beginning and a restoration of our energy and enthusiasm. Let’s all strive to take the lessons learned and turn them into our personal superpowers.

Thanks for sticking with us through these tumultuous times. We’re ready to put 2020 in our review mirror, and we’re looking forward to connecting with you in 2021.

And if you feel inclined, we’d love you to share, in the comments section below, your feelings about leaving 2020 behind and your hopes for 2021!

Xo Sheryl & Jennifer

Photo by Sachin Uplaonkar on Unsplash

Xo Sheryl & Jennifer